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Insights & Highlights

Tis the Season
Now that Thanksgiving is passed we can look for the Christmas sale and notice onslaught to really begin. Not that it hasn't already started.

You can now expect to see increased emails, texts, and ads for sales, discounts, and promotions.

These are an excellent way for hackers to scam and phish. Sending emails that look like they come from your favorite retailer, bank or credit-card company are the easiest ways to target consumers.

There are some simple, steps for you and your family to consider. They may take a few minutes of your time - but they are worth saving yourself from losing money or having your accounts hacked!

First and foremost is that regardless of how authentic an email appears.... don't trust it. 

The old adage still holds that if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is just that. (Like the $490 oak barrel propane fire pit that I saw on sale for $99... yeah... it's still in Sichuan City, China "out for delivery"..).

Don't click on any links to promos or discounts - or even ones that take you to the website.

Open another browser-window, log in and check around to see if you can find the promo. Odds are that if it is legit you will be able to find it and the promo code in the email will work as well.

Second, be wary of phone calls regarding your credit card - for whatever reason. These days you can't get a human being to answer a call at your credit card company. What makes you think they have countless bodies calling you directly?

If you get a call, don't speak, don't say "yes", just get off the call. Go log into your account and see if there are any notices or anything that looks suspicious. And for extra measure, call them using a contact number from their website.

And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the
[email protected] No charge, no fees, no obligations!

Be amazing, be grateful, be blessed...and stay safe

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnnyS Chief Operating Officer

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