Advanced IT Services Program

In an effort to be more responsive to companies needs during these challenging times, Infinit is offering a program for new clients of our Advanced IT Services Program.

The AIS Program covers remote monitoring & management, remote Help Desk support, anti-virus & anti-malware software installation and support.

It is built for companies where Infinit can be considered as a part of their team, and where they are treated as more than a receivable!

Our clients find value in the program as it provides cost-effective support for the many employees now working from home, and who will be doing so for the foreseeable future!

They also appreciate having a single-point of contact for all their technology questions, issues, and trouble-shooting needs

 With each new 1-year service agreement, Infinit will provide 30-days of free service, up to 90-days for a 3-year commitment:
     • A 1-year agreement, is 13-months, 1 month free
     • A 2-year agreement is 26-months, 2 months free
     • A 3-year agreement is 39-months, 3 months free.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our President, Tom Klink, [email protected], 315-728-3136 or click on the "Reach Tom" link below!

Tom loves talking about technology and helping folks. There’s no obligation, no heavy sales….

Take care, and stay safe!

Reach Out to Tom