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FAQs - Computer Stuff

How often should I clear my Internet browser history?
You should clear out the cache, or browser history, and clear cookies on a regular basis. Any savd usernames and passwords will be removed and you wil have to put them back in. However, you are a bit safer and your browser may work better.

What is the difference between using the "Delete" key to remove a file and using the                 "Shift -Delete" keys?
Using the "Delete" key removes the file but puts it in the Recycle Bin, from which you can easily retrieve it. But > that does not save any space - just removes the file until you "empty" the Recycle Bin.
Using the "Shift-Delete" key permanently (kind of) removes the file and frees up the associated space. Now - there are potentially ways to retrieve the file - but it's not a simple process!

If I delete a "shortcut" does that delete the program too?
A "shortcut" is merely a link to get you to where your program can be started.  We typically put these on the computer Desktop so we can quickly get to programs we use most often. Deleting a "shortcut" does not delete the program. You have to now figure out how to get to it, but it will still be there.

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