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We have been blessed throughout the course of our company's history to be able to give back to our community. We have done this corporately as well as individually.

This isn't for the publicity or to heighten awareness of who we are. It isn't about posturing or positioning or winning awards.

Candidly, there have been times when we couldn't give, or give as much as we wanted. There have been times when we didn't feel we could do enough.

Being in a community of any type comes with an obligation to care for those around you. To be aware of those in need and to find out how you can help them.

One of our goals has always been to help people with a hand up, not a hand out. We respect the dignity of those in our company and our community. We always want to engage people with honesty and integrity.

When times are difficult, like they are right now, are the times when  you need to be thankful for what you have. To open your mind and your heart to those who may not be as fortunate.

And most of all, never, ever, forget that you didn't get here without someone, somewhere at some time, opening their hand and their heart to you.

Be amazing, be grateful, be blessed!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnnyS
Chief Operating Officer

Got a Question?

Co-Managed IT - Working Through Today's Challenges Sep23_2020

Even before the pandemic, managing a company's IT needs, network, devices, strategy, interfaces,  telecommunications...was a challenge.

Layer all of those with the need to manage physical and network security, cyber threats, ransomware, denial of service, compliance management, and the list goes on and on.

Then you bring on the pandemic; everybody working remotely, old equipment, new equipment, company equipment, personal equipment, VPN access, and you just added another layer of effort required.

When this happened our Engineering Services Team was literally working 24X7 to provide assistance and support to existing clients who had to move operations to a remote workforce.

There wasn't a lot of time to develop business plans, outlines, position descriptions. It was time to simply work hand-in-hand with our clients IT staff and their employees.

We weren't just a technology service provider any more - we were a partner in technology, educating as well as working.

Co-managing IT is more than just another set of hands, it is an evolution in the development of a best practice for efficiently and cost-effectively running a business.

On September 30th, we co-sponsored a webinar on Co-Managed IT with Datto, the leader in backup and recovery.
It wasn't a sales webinar - it was an information webinar because we are passionate about leading in the services we provide our clients, as is Datto.

If you have a few minutes I encourage you to check it out.....and if you're bored, then bail...but what have you got to lose? 

Link to the Webinar

Just the Fax, Ma'am

"The story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent."

For those of you that don’t know, or don’t remember, those are the memorable words that opened each episode of the TV series Dragnet.

(Those are also the words that often begin stories told to friends about other family members…not that I know from experience).

Sergeant Joe Friday was the no-nonsense LAPD officer who coined the phrase “All we want are the facts, ma’am”…which Dan Aykroyd trimmed to “Just the facts, ma’am” in the 1987 movie version.

And what got me thinking about this was that I was asked to fax some medical records…(I know…my mind’s associative keyword links are strange).

I am on the phone taking notes and the nurse gives me the fax number, and I am writing it down…

Then I hang up and it dawns on me that I don’t have a fax machine.

Who faxes anymore? Well…actually… a lot more folks than you think.

So – can you send and receive faxes from your home office?

Sure… There are online fax services, albeit very few that are totally “free” and those are limited to sending, not receiving.
There are some that have no charges, but you have to use the service fairly frequently.
There are countless pay-services, with free trials.

But what I think this really points out is that we have to start thinking about a “new normal”…because the way we used to do business may not be how we do it in the future.

If we can work remotely and be as, if not more, productive, do we need to have so many folks in the “office”?

How will that change the jobs we need, let alone how we do the jobs we have?

What other services might we need to replace if we deploy more folks remotely?

This pandemic won’t last forever – but the impact it has made on us could!

We might want to start re-thinking how our business will work sooner versus later.

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
[email protected]


Pandemic Insights

It is not hard to figure out that life is going to change drastically from how it was before the pandemic.

How we work, play, worship, shop, entertain, train, educate, serve….all of these areas and more have been impacted and will change.

Thinking about that has also led me to consider what we have learned, what dealing with changes brought about by the pandemic has given us….

For example,
• No touch thermometers – Oh yeah these were around, but now they are as plentiful as those no scratch pans you see on TV at 4AM
• Masks – Just for surgery? Not anymore – haute couture has taken them to a whole new level – and wait till the “celebs” start endorsing them
• Home office exercises – New ways of staying in shape while working from home, like Stapler Curls, Calculator Crunches, Earbud Extensions and more.

We have also been given examples of what defines a real role model.....

Real role models are the people who clean the hospital or the grocery store or the pharmacy or the subway.

Real role models are the people who pick up our trash, who work at the check-out, or in the deli, or the bakery or the pharmacy.

Real role models are the first-responders, nurses and medical staff, caregivers in nursing homes, rehab and assisted living facilities, who staffed the wards and floors, facing the pandemic head-on.

So, maybe, just maybe, as we look forward, we will take heart and learn about dedication, perseverance, creativity, fortitude and caring from the people who truly lived it when we needed it most.

Here’s a novel idea – let’s figure out how we can have awards and red carpets for these folks! Or have them in reality-tv shows, ones based on humanity instead of absurdity. Just a thought….

Take care and stay safe!
John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)    [email protected]


Update, Shmupdate

Ever have this happen?

The day starts with you forgetting to set your alarm clock. Then, the dog pees on the carpet for the first time in recent memory, and you can’t leave it for “the maid”. Your son spills juice all over him, and your keyboard, so you better dry it off before that causes another problem.

Oh crap, you have got to get the final touches on the presentation you are doing in less than an hour.

You turn on the computer, go grab your notes and another cup of coffee, come back to your desk and…..what?? This can’t be????

“Windows Updates 25% Complete – Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while”

And you wonder, while that vein in your forehead is starting to throb, “just what in the name of Bill Gates are these damn updates?????”.
Great question….. At one point, I began to believe Microsoft was a cult that went to great pains weekly to levy the full force of Ahnoyue, the Norse god of senseless computing on everyone.

The actual reality is that an operating system has to be continually monitored, maintained and updated. Microsoft typically has twice-yearly updates… followed by their continual "updates".....

Right, then let’s rate these updates on their real impact, okay… I mean how darn important are they anyways.

Fixing bugs…that’s great!
Adding new features….how nice! Releasing security patches…..ding, ding, ding…we have a winner, Bob!

When you talk to cyber security professionals about preventative measures you can take, one of the basics is to make sure your devices are current with patches and updates.

Oh, and if you have a breach or ransomware, one of the very first things your insurance company’s forensics experts are going to ask: Are your updates and patches current? Not current? Sorry...

Hhhmm….fine…thanks Microsoft… I guess…

Take care and stay safe! John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]


My Mower Died

It’s a nice Saturday morning and you want to get the yard mowed for the first time before you have to go to the family Zoom gathering.

After 30 minutes, you are almost done ….it sputters…and stops. You pull out your mobile phone, call the service center where you bought it.

You tell the rep at the desk what happened. His answer… if it’s your first time using it then let it sit for a while and cool off.

You hang up and now you are thinking “What kind of answer is that? It was working fine. How good of a mechanic is it that just says let it sit and try again?”.

As you might imagine, being the Engineering Tech on a network Help Desk is eerily similar ….

Tech: “Good morning, you’ve reached the network Help Desk, how can I help you?” You: “My computer isn’t working right”.

Tech: “What is it doing?” You: “I was working on an Excel report I have to get done ASAP and after thirty minutes it just freezes-up. I close Excel, then start it and the same thing happens.”

Tech: “Shut if off and wait a couple of minutes, then turn it back on”.

The call ends and you are thinking… “Why have these techs if all they do is tell you to turn off the computer, wait and turn it back on. Don’t they know how to fix it?”

Like with the mower, the unit isn’t necessarily broke. Often times there’s a conflict somewhere and the best thing, literally, is to shut the unit down. So, when you turn it back on, everything starts up, hopefully, without the conflict.

And you may have the problem continue and you may have to call back, but you tried the first and easiest thing – reset the unit.

One of things Help Desk folks don’t want to do is waste your time. They are very attuned to the need to get things done.

As we start another day working from home, feeling like one day is the same as all the others, it doesn’t take much to get us overheated, or conflicted!

Maybe the best thing for us too when that happens is to take a few minutes to shut off what we are working on, cool off and then get a fresh restart!

Take care and stay safe! John

Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]


Not Here

One of the many things Americans can agree on is taking pride in items “Made in the USA”.

From pencils to parachutes, toys to tanks…whatever the product.

So, in the spirit of the TV show “Myth Busters” I went in search of the origin of some of those items and found some interesting facts, courtesy of!

Apple Pie Isn’t American – Medieval England made “pies” popular, but they were meat pies. British and Dutch settlers brought the idea here and fruit pies came as a result.

The Wright Brothers Weren’t Right – They weren’t wrong, but a New Zealand farmer’s plane was the first in flight.

The Bell Tolled in Canada – Alexander Graham Bell did invent the telephone, but he did it while living in Canada. He filed the patent in the US but was in Canada when the first call was made.

Denim Pour Vous – Levi Strauss, our denim Icon, introduced it here in 1853, but it was invented in France in the 18th century.

Ah, Nuts! – George Washington Carver isn’t the peanut-butter-father, but he did devise recipes for peanuts which included a peanut paste. The first patent came from Canada, but the first method for making peanut butter came from the US.

Let There Be Light – In 1809, in England, the first arc lamp was created. In 1870 Thomas Edison made the first commercial light bulb.

Aeros by Bjorn – Aerosol cans were first used by the US to spray insecticide to protect troops from malaria in World War II, but the first patent was in Norway in 1927.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where things originated. What matters is the effort in doing things the best you can and doing so with pride.

Hats off to the folks on the front lines today helping us fight this virus. Their efforts, sacrifices, pride in doing their jobs and caring hearts make me proud to have been “Made in the USA”.

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)  [email protected]


Yay Team

If you are responsible for managing a team I expect you have gotten the daily and weekly work routine down by now.

You have set-up the prerequisite weekly online meetings, some with video (but only as needed to save on bandwidth, right?), others being just calls to check in and perhaps even some collaborative work-sessions.

Most likely with a few exceptions, things are moving along as well as can be expected, and you are “in touch” with your team.

Well … yes…..but ….maybe not.

The meetings and calls may have a bit more informality and chitchat, but they are still work.

Granted, you all may be “communicating” but do these events really give your team time to do what they did before, which is “interact”?

We didn’t leave our personal lives at home when we walked into work. We often shared some part of our personal life with our colleagues or maybe had after-work activities together….and folks may be missing these a lot.

So, here are some things you can do to put the “personal” back into “interact”…

• Set up a group email list of your team members that you only use for personal communications.
Title it something like “OurTeam”, or a reference to something they identify with like “TheBratPack” so when they see the source of the email in their inbox they will know its of a more personal than work nature.

• Find out every team members’ birth date and be sure to send a birthday email to the group with a GIF or image that would resonate with the individual whose birthday you are acknowledging.

• If you and your team did some after-work activities together then plan for a virtual version.
o If you did a “happy hour” then schedule one on their calendar, have them get their beverage of choice, and have your personal talk time
o If you did an activity like bowling, then find a multi-level-player bowling app, and get back on the alleys!

The net-net here is to be sure to make time for you and your team to interact as people, not just colleagues.

If you have some things that work for you, pass them along and I will share them in a future Snippet.

Be well and Be Safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)   [email protected]


Culling the Wheat from the Chaff

Ever hear the term “culling the wheat from the chaff”?

“Chaff” is the dry, scaly protective casing over wheat grains. In ancient agriculture they used the practice of “winnowing”, which was to wave the wheat stalks until the chaff, which was lighter than the wheat grain, fell off. (I wonder how many ancient folks went insane from trying to pick the chaff off each what grain before figuring out how to winnow?)

The term comes to mind as I look at my email inbox and try to sort out the wheat!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)   [email protected]

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What me Wi-Fi?

Ever seen the phrase “What me worry?” typically adjacent to the caricature of Alfred E. Neuman, a somewhat impish looking redhead, with disheveled hair, freckled face, loopy-looking grin?

Alfred E. Neuman was the “mascot” of MAD Magazine, which started as a comic book, and ended publication in 2019, after 67 years!

“What me worry?” became MAD’s slogan and is meant to emphasize a calm, almost devil-may-care attitude, which was part of the magazine’s panache.

I think most of us carry that same attitude about our home wi-fi. It is there, it runs, we do not fuss with it. It is at our beck and call, slave to our …well…you get the drift.

And there is a good chance you may have not even set a password for it, or you just let the default password stay in place – which is potentially the same default password for millions of devices.

So what, ye say? Well, wi-fi that is not password protected is the easiest way for hackers, scoundrels, and cheap neighbors to get access.

Why pay for wi-fi if you could just tap into somebody else’s and get just as good a signal?

From an overall security and self-protection standpoint having a wi-fi password and occasionally changing it is the easiest defense strategy.

Below are some instructions from Microsoft on how you can quickly and easily find that info (applicable to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7).

Granted it may be a huge pain updating all your devices and those of your family – but not doing it may cause a bigger pain in the long run.

If you have any tips to share about this – pass them along and I will include them in a future Snippet!

Be well and be safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]


Just Browsing

One of the most basic, yet highly recommended computer security suggestions is regularly changing your password.

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer)   [email protected]

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Infinit Resource Team

Being an engineering services company, our Engineering Services Team is well versed in working remotely and in helping clients do the same.

In fact, in our industry there are probably more people that work from a home office than a centralized company site.

However, as we quickly found out, that’s not the norm for many, if not most, small businesses today.

Up until now, unless a remote office business model was what you were working with, there was no real reason for remote work other than to accommodate someone traveling.

As shelter in place became the mandated norm we quickly saw how many companies needed some assistance in basically sorting out what they needed to do, let alone doing it.

In order to provide some support for those companies, Infinit has built a Resource Team comprised of sales, project management and business management personnel.

As most of the team has 20+-years of experience in information technology, we have a lot to offer to small businesses or their employees having tech-questions: free of charge, no obligations, no appointment necessary.

At Infinit, serving the community has always been one of our Core Values:
“Community – Value and support each other’s efforts to give back to our community through service.”

And we believe there is no better time than the present to do that!

You can find out more about the Infinit Resource Team at and I suggest you drive by, kick the tires and even “Ask Us!” a question.

Be well and be safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer)  [email protected]


Scamulus Check

Happy April 13, 2020…. Why happy?
Couple reasons to name a few….

First, it’s the 13th of the month and it is not a Friday – not that I am superstitious, I just don’t like to tempt fate any more than I have to.

And second, the Stimulus Checks are in route…at least I have heard of Stimulus Check sightings! 

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer)  [email protected]

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Honor the Sacrifice

TGIF my friends. I usually try to change up the Snippet on Friday to be a bit more light-hearted if you will.

But This Friday seems different because in many parts of the world, for many millions of people, they will be honoring the sacrifice of a man named Jesus over 2,000 years ago.

Regardless of your faith, belief, religion, the point here is that someone sacrificed their life to save others. And from that sacrifice came hope.

I don’t know about you, but I can use some hope right now.

I have family members and a dear friend who are pregnant, one aunt with dementia in assisted living, a family member recently diagnosed with a stage 3 cancer, family members and dear friends on the front-lines, a dear friend in law enforcement and corrections, a family member incarcerated, one cousin in a physical rehab facility and another at home with a broken leg that won’t heal, three grand-children ages 7-14 and three toddlers and a newborn in the family, let alone our own team members helping to keep clients working.

So, yeah….hope for safety, wellbeing and healing is a big thing for me right now, as I am sure it is for many others, some I am sure who have far greater need than I.

On this Friday I offer that we honor those sacrificing their own safety to help save lives; first responders, hospital and clinic staff, caregivers, essential workers engaging the public, law enforcement and corrections personnel, people feeding the hungry, service organizations and many, many more….

And to honor their sacrifice I ask that we pay attention and practice social distancing, wash our hands, stay at home…. It’s the very least we can do for so many who do so much for us.

Please have a wonderful, joyous, comforting and hopeful Friday. Despite the times it’s Easter weekend and all in all we still have a lot to be grateful for.

Be well and be safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer) [email protected]


Cleanup at the Email Corral

Ever hear of the “Gunfight at the OK Corral”… you most likely would know it if you came across the movie, which was based on the event in 1881. A 30-second shootout between lawmen (Wyatt Earp and his brothers to name a few) and outlaws in Tombstone, Arizona.

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer) [email protected]

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Shortest Distance to Making a Point

If there is you anything you remember from high school geometry it is most likely that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. (Granted the application of that when it comes to travel directions is known to be suspect – just ask any wife.)
Be well and be safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer) [email protected]

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Ever hear of the term “Cyber Fire”? I had not until recently while doing some research.

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer) [email protected]

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What Day Is It?

I don’t’ know about anybody else, but Monday mornings always tend to be a bit…foggy.

I try to be sure to get rested as best I can over the weekend, especially Sunday nights, but it doesn’t always seem to help.

Now that we are shelter-in-placed you’d think that this wouldn’t happen. I mean, it’s not like I have to get up and slog through the rain to my vehicle, then fight traffic to get to the office.

But I am thinking it might be a good thing – maybe it means I have gotten into a work-routine that more closely mimics how things were before.

And that’s okay, because one of the things we all face right now is having one day seem like another, seven days a week.

It’s not like watching the news helps – good grief – I think you could literally record one day, without the sound, then play it for the rest of the week.

Well rather than let my world get any more muddled I did start doing a few things that helped change my brainscape…

First, I started to plot as much as possible on my calendar. Some things I do daily (reports, briefings, writing the Infinit Snippet) and things I do weekly (cadence calls, webinars).

Then I started re-planning so as to spread things throughout the week. I also added personal tasks (I even write what we had for dinner!).

Yeah, it’s an exercise – but it has helped me add some perspective.

Another thing I strongly encourage everyone to do is update your voicemail … every day.

You need to first give yourself that daily diligence to note the date, and it is a good thing to let whoever calls, family, friends, neighbors, that you are okay, or at least you know what day it is!

The “I can’t come to the phone right now” message was great when all we had were land lines, but come on, most people will go out without underwear before they would go anywhere without their phone!

We all need a little encouragement, something to help us think “we’re gonna be okay”…and if trying to leave a cheerful voicemail helps me do that – well – maybe it will help somebody who rings me up!

What do you do to change-up the days? Let me know and I will share it in a future Snippet!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer)  [email protected]


When Not to Learn a Shortcut

If you have been following the Snippets you know I am an advocate of learning new things that can help you be more productive, like shortcuts.

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Shields Up

Today when we hear the word “shield” we most certainly think of the face gear worn to help prevent becoming infected with COVID-19.

Prior to this we might have thought of the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement & Logistics Division).

The standard definition if you will is “a broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm” (

Merriam also has “the Precambrian nuclear mass of a continent that is surrounded and sometimes covered by sedimentary rocks” for you geology devotees!

In any case, the point being that a “shield” is meant to provide a form of protection if used properly.

On July 26, 2019, the State of New York enacted the SHIELD Act (Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security) to set standards for companies to protect an employee’s private data.

This affects any and all companies maintaining computerized, private information of a New York State resident.

We might have lost sight of this due to the pandemic, but it hasn’t gone away.

And don’t pooh-pooh this thinking “the government has better things to do than enforce this right now”… because “enforcement” was never the endgame.

Getting businesses to do a better job of protecting employee data, and themselves from breaches and identity theft was the real driver.
. And with the possibility of businesses reopening, now might be an even better time to look at this!

You can catch-up with our partner Kim Moore on Linkedin if you want a quick chat.

You can also reach out to our Resource Team at

Whatever you do, please don’t “do nothing”…

We are more vulnerable than ever right now – let’s not add to it.

Take care and stay safe!
John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)      [email protected]



 I will be the first to admit it – I am a huge fan of Marie Kondo – the Japanese organizing consultant, author and TV show host. I have watched her shows, read her articles and yes, put some of what she has offered into practice!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]

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Journaling For Sanity's Sake

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]

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Shortcuts – For Once They’re OK!

Since our remote home office work schedule can be a bit less….structured, if you will…. that gives us a little more discretionary time.

There’s a pace to a daily work environment that impacts workflow; phone calls, mail, meetings, colleagues dropping by, chatting up someone on the way back from the copier and so forth. Without them – the workday is somewhat different – and as a result, there’s a bit more time in between tasks.

So why not capitalize on it! That said, I am an advocate of learning something new that can help me do a task easier, better, quicker….whatever. And when I have the luxury of thought-time I try to find that hint, tip, technique!

One area I look for are “shortcuts” – well – keyboard shortcuts to be clear (cause we all know that shortcuts are the demise of all that is good and those that take them come to no good end…and….you know what I mean....).

As much as a mouse is a great device I’ve got this old-school mentality that the more my hands are on the keyboard, the more I’ll get done!

So, this week’s “Learn Something New” Lesson is twofold…finding links to shortcuts and finding PDFs that contain them!
• Pick an application you use a lot or would like to use better – let’s take Excel • Open your favorite browser
• At the search bar type in “keyboard shortcuts excel pdf”
Note: Adding “pdf” to the end of the statement will help return links to PDFs that contain the info you are searching for!

Voila! Your search returns all kinds of information, and hopefully there are links to PDFs rather than those lengthy articles with a hundred pop-up ads and the same slideshows (“70’s Lampshades, Art or New Retro” , “Celebs Who Were Obnoxious and Still Are”).

But don’t stop there – try other applications, tools… I bet you’ll be amazed at what you find, as well as some useful shortcuts!

Got a “Learn Something New” tip – pass it along and I’ll share it.

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]


Scheduling the Unscheduled

Learn to plan your day!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]

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It's Not Just About the Tech

For many businesses, it will eventually be “back to normal” for them as they have their customers come back to their establishments.

However, for many companies, functioning with a remotely deployed work force may be the “new normal”.

At the onset of all this, a major concern, amongst others, was that companies did not have the level of technology in place to support a remote work force.

But at the end of the day, a company’s ability to survive is not just about the technology.
In fact, it probably never was.

Technology is a tool that enables. You can have all the tools in the world, yet without people to use them they don’t do very much.

The real success behind this “new normal” isn’t remote deployment, or shrinking your business footprint, or restructuring your organizational hierarchy.

The real success will be attributable to the employees, and their families.

The dedication, diligence, accountability. Staying productive and creative. Encouraging and supporting associates and teammates. Communicating, more often, and better.

We have before us an amazing, perhaps once in a lifetime, opportunity to change the face of our company, and equally as important, ourselves.

Face it – there is no going back to the “way things were”.

Companies will look to go forward with those folks who have stepped-up, stepped-in and stepped-beyond their own “normal”.

If you haven’t done anything yet to better yourself, your skills, your work ethic, your work relationships, family relationship, then you ought to start.

What’s your “new normal” going to look like?

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
[email protected]



Setting up your home office - in a unique kind of way!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]

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Keep Moving

Taking care to take are not in the office any more!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer (aka Part Time Writer) [email protected]

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Balancing the Load

Keeping all things in sync....kinda!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]

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Four Must Do's

For a lot of folks working from home is your first real remote-office experience.
So get organized!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer)  [email protected]

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When It Absolutely

It seems there isn’t a day goes by where I don’t see a FedEx van making a delivery to us, or somebody on our street. And I am surprised at how quick stuff is delivered to boot! 

Which reminded me of FedEx’s “When it absolutely has to be there” commercials from the 80’s with John Moschitta, the fast-talking company executive.

I tend to get a lot of voicemail, and even more so now. And I continually think of that FedEx commercial when listening to them.

You get any voicemails that sound like this?

“ThisisLynnfromInternetandIamyournewaccountmanagerandwouldyoupleasecallmeat3157897898todiscussyouraccount. Thanks”

I used to try to at least make out the phone number and call it back…yeah…well, I have woken up a lot of people, been told “stop calling this number”, and had my ears ring from having the receiver slammed back into the cradle.

If you Google “voicemail etiquette” you will see there are over 537,000 responses. So, there is no lack of education on how to use voicemail.

But it really doesn’t have to be that bloody difficult…

“Good morning (pause) This is John, from Infinit Technology Solutions (pause) I want to touch base about your service agreement renewal (pause) I can be reached at 315 (stop) 728 (stop) 3125 (pause) Thank you (pause) Have a great day”

No need to ramble on for 2-3 minutes, no reason to speed-speak like John Moschitta.

Short, to the point. Be clear, don’t mumble or chew gum or eat taffy. Oh, big help, please speak directly into your phone so the whole message gets delivered.

Look at it this way – if you feel your call is important enough to take up the time of whoever you are calling, then be considerate enough of them to take your time and little of theirs.

We are going to be relying on voicemail a lot more – make yours the kind that will absolutely get called back.

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)

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Working Remote

If you think working remotely for the first time is a challenge – take a minute and think about the challenge of doing that AND managing a team of people!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part-Time Writer)  [email protected]

Check out the podcast

Tune Up Your Toolbox

By now you pretty much have our remote home office set up and in good working order.

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
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We are all aware of the changes in business, education, retail, sports, hospitality, and other areas as a result of being quarantined. Aka being “quarantized”.

Some areas that have been quarantized will have a “new normal”, like commercial businesses that may continue having a majority of their employees work from home.

There are some things that have been quarantized which we hope won’t change like attending worship services, being able to move around freely and having our kids go back to school.

And I am sure it comes as no surprise that personal and family relationships have been quarantized as well. For instance….

Parents taking on the role of math teacher. (“Dad…what’s the difference between a linear and an exponential relationship? You know, like in math. Dad? Dad? What? Oh…hey Mom…”).

And it’s no picnic for the kids either … (“Lisa… I can’t get on the internet and I am late for work. What? VPN? I’m not wearing a VPN”.)

For husbands, being quarantized has added new risks…… “Honey… does this mask make my head look fat?”

Or how about what to do for your wedding anniversary? “Oh Rod, thank you so much, that aromatic toilet paper is wonderful. And where did you get that pork loin; you shouldn’t have.”.

It’s no dance party for wives either…. “Lisa, hey, you said it was okay to use bleach when I wash the towels and underwear, right? Oh….ah…darn….”

Let’s face it - we have all been quarantized in some way. But instead of making ourselves crazy, instead, how about we just be grateful for each day we are okay…and appreciate each other whenever we can!

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Close to Home

It is hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend. For me this has always been one of those milestone looking-forward holidays.

The beaches and state parks open, pools get opened, lawn and deck furniture comes out of hibernation, coolers will be filled with frosty beverages, barbecue grills cleaned and ready! Boats are put in the water, campers and tents are aired-out, cleaned and readied for the first trip.

But this year, being tied closer to home due to the pandemic has made me a bit more reflective.

I know Memorial Day has its roots in post-Civil War tributes to the countless fallen soldiers.

Of all our wars and conflicts, the Civil War was the only one so close to home, and as such, tore at the heart of our people and our country.

But something about Memorial Day I didn’t realize was that its’ considered birthplace is right nearby in Waterloo, New York, which is pretty close to home.

Waterloo first celebrated the day on May 5, 1866 hosting a community-wide event where businesses closed down and residents decorated soldiers graves with flowers and flags.

Waterloo, NY? The Civil War, that we think as being fought in the South, had an impact here?
That close to home?

If you think about it though, each of us has only “six degrees of separation” from a soldier who served, sacrificed. Wars and conflicts are never really somewhere else.

At the end of the day they are always pretty close to home.

If you have a family member, friend, colleague that served …be appreciative.

If you have lost a family member, friend, or colleague…be sure to be grateful for their sacrifice.

And although we have “troops” on the front lines fighting the pandemic, for whom we need to be extremely grateful, let us not forget the soldiers fighting, serving, and sacrificing on foreign soil today.

There is nothing wrong with shedding a tear for those whose sacrifice has allowed us to be here. I know I will….

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Getting Under Ctrl

I have always been a diehard spreadsheet fan.

Apple had the first spreadsheet program in VisiCalc, but I was lucky to be able to afford apples at the market back then so there was no way I could get to VisiCalc on an Apple II.

I had to wait till personal computers hit the business world where I could get my hands-on Lotus 1-2-3.

And believe it or not, since then there have been over 30 different spreadsheet software packages, 9 of which are active on the market today!

Now, a while back I suggested making sure to find the time to learn something new that would enhance your work skills. So, for me it was natural that I would go in search of productivity tips for Excel, and I found a whole bunch to try.

But for now, as I do a lot of formatting of data in Excel I wanted to find any keyboard commands that could save me some time in that area.

I was surprised to learn I could do some of this quite easily with the Ctrl-key!

Not that I don’t like the Ctrl-key – it has always been very poised and mature, just not as much fun it seemed like the Alt-key or the Windows key….well…anyways…

There are four basic word-highlights as I call them that are easily done using Ctrl and a number key:
* Ctrl-2 – Bolds whatever cells you have blocked
* Ctrl-3 – Italicizes whatever cells you have blocked
* Ctrl-4 – Underlines whatever cells you have blocked
* Ctrl-5 – Strikes-through whatever cells you have blocked

As always, if you make a mistake the tremendously life-saving Ctrl-Z command will Undo whatever you did…

And, if you want to see a list of all the “Format Cell” features (Numbers, Alignment, Font, Border, Fill, Protection) then the Ctrl-1 key takes you there in a flash!

If you have any Excel shortcuts that work well for you, send them along and I will share them in a future Snippet!

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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RU Fatigued

For the second day in a row I’ve seen news cycles spent on “fatigue”. The first one was on “Zoom Fatigue” and today it was on “WFH (Work From Home) Fatigue”.

As it appears discussing “fatigue” is going to be a new trend, let’s do our own “Fact Check” (as I hear this is also a hot topic these days!) to see what this is about.

There are 2-types of fatigue – physical and mental. Physical - Being physically unable to do things you used to do. Mental – Finding it more difficult to concentrate on things, to stay on task; and the type I see news folks talking about!

However, being one who tries to stay on top of events in the “work from home” world, I have already diagnosed some of these “fatigues”!

You’re-Killing-Me-Smalls Fatigue – If you are a work-at-home parent, who is also home schooling, this form of fatigue comes from having to repeat yourself twenty-times before your child responds.

Are-You-Kidding-Me Fatigue – This type of fatigue is common to managers who get this response repeatedly when reminding an employee that sitting by the pool with a cocktail and reading news on their iPad does not constitute work.

Where’s-My-XXX Fatigue – Common to wives and mothers whose husband and children think that being a woman provides an innate ability to track the location of whatever lost item they are looking for.

Can’t-You-See-I’m-Working Fatigue – Normally occurs when having to remind your family members that you are actually working after they have interrupted you for the umpteenth time in a five-minute period.

What’s-For-Dinner Fatigue – This particularly impacts entire families where nobody wants to decide what to have for dinner. Causes are a lack of choices, having had take-out too many times in a row, and a general desire to offer everyone spaghetti-in-a-can.

What-Do-YOU-Want-To-Watch-Tonight Fatigue – Needs no explanation, does it?

All kidding aside being confined in movement and work-routine can be tiring. So, take a break, go hug a family member because you can, call your best-friend just to hear their voice, walk the dog, snuggle with the cat and be appreciative that you’re safe.

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)

[email protected]


Laptops Don't Tan

Hard to believe that it is June already, and with that comes the warmer weather (in Central New York, hope springs eternal for that to be the case!).

And for those still working from home the warmer weather brings the opportunity to maybe spend some time working outside.

Now, if you have been a laptop user for some time, you are probably familiar with the care and feeding of your laptop in the great outdoors.

But if you are not, then let’s touch on some things you want to keep in mind.

What My Wi-Fi? – Be mindful that the location of your favorite deck chair may not be the most conducive to receiving a good wi-fi signal. You may need to consider moving closer to where you can get a better signal, and so that your neighbor does not think you are mooching off of theirs!

Laptops Don’t Tan – Just like too much sun and heat causes us to turn red and overheat, the same will happen to your laptop if you are not careful. It may not melt like we do but you can seriously fry your hard drive and other components.

Try to work out of direct sunlight, and where you can minimize glare.

Less is More – If you want to bring your mouse and keyboard along, then get a wireless mouse and keyboard if you don’t have them already. And preferably where both will work off the same USB dongle.

(FYI – a “dongle” in this case is a mouse/keyboard transceiver, not something to keep a beverage cold!).

Love Hurts, Cheap Hurts More – You are going to need to plug-in your power adapter at some point and re-charge your laptop battery. If you get a 2nd power adapter to use outside, it is best to get the same model you have.

Will it cost more than some off brand? Sure thing. But that pain is a lot less than having to explain to your boss why you treated that expensive company laptop like a knock-off fit bit device.

If you have questions, feel free to ask the Infinit Resource Team – no cost, no obligation, nothing to buy – or [email protected]

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Safety Guidelines

In New York State there are safety guidelines that businesses need to understand in order to operate in light of COVID-19.

The focus is on providing as safe an environment as possible for employees, customers, visitors, and suppliers entering a facility or workplace.

From what I can figure out, these guidelines are based on three fundamentals: hygiene (what to do) - sanitize (getting clean) – disinfect (removing bacteria).

That being the case, these fundamentals are also great when applied at home (right…if you can make all these happen with your family all the time you get a special award and a call from Mr. Clean).

And if you think about it, these fundamentals are also applicable to protecting your home office computers and laptops!

Hygiene – Just as washing your hands is the most basic rule of personal hygiene, running a cleaning utility along with antivirus and antimalware software is the same for your computer.

Sanitize – You will want to run a cleaning utility that removes unwanted files, temporary files, junk, broken file links and more. Doing so can also help improve your computer’s operation.

Disinfect – Running both antivirus and antimalware scans is effective in removing spyware, viruses, worms, spam, and other threats.

The rule of thumb is to run these at least once a week, but you may consider doing so more often if you are on the internet downloading files, or at sites with a lot of popups.

Now, if you are thinking “well, gee…my company doesn’t make me run these, why do I need them?”, I would ask “well, gee….if my dentist doesn’t brush his teeth, then why should I”. Not the greatest logic in either case, is it?

So, if you aren’t running any of these and would like more information, you can always ask the Infinit Resource Team.

No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell…. We are glad to help! [email protected] or visit them at

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Have you ever seen any of these TV shows: “Hoarders”, “Pawn Stars”, “Storage Wars”, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”?

I have watched them on occasion over the years and I have become convinced that we are a nation with a propensity to accumulate “stuff”.

As you might imagine I did some research with some interesting results.

Google Trends shows that “Stuff” has a Search Interest ranking in the 90’s over the last several months. (It was most popular in Idaho for some reason – “potato stuff”?)

But “Stuff” appears to be only half as popular as “Storage” was over the same time period.

So not only do we recognize we have a lot of “stuff” we also recognize we need a place to put it, right?

Maybe? Now, everyone who has a lot of stuff isn’t a slob, in fact, I believe there are many people who are, well, like myself…a “neoragnizer” (Someone with a lot of stuff, but who neatly organizes it so as to have it look neatly organized).

Although this is a perfectly normal way of life for me it does on occasion drive my darling wife absolutely crazy.

I do try to toss stuff that’s just not needed, though I fear I may need it (“But John, nobody uses fondue pots any more. What? No, it won’t make a nice centerpiece”).

And as I tend to organize my work this way, especially my emails, this also gives our engineer Bianca heartburn when I have an email storage problem (‘cause I have a LOT of folders. Great filing system, not so great retrieval system).

The point I am so terribly slow at making here is that it is a fine line between keeping emails that you may need to refer to, versus just not getting rid of anything at all.

And yes, “disk space” may be less expensive than paper filing cabinets were – but after a while it gets expensive to store AND back-up all that….stuff”.

Our Resource Team has worked with folks who have had all kinds of “stuff” issues. They are glad to chat you up about yours. No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell, just people helping people.

[email protected] or visit them at

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Minding Your Uhms

By now you have probably been in more Zoom meetings than you care to remember.

But as you may have come to realize, online meetings are going to be the norm for a long time to come.

Oh, we’ll eventually get back to person-to-person interaction, but I expect there will be hybrid models which include both for business, education, worship, medical…you name it.

With this will come the need for more polished meetings/presentations and you might start planning how this will work.

For instance, I had occasion to be asked to prepare and facilitate a webinar. These typically consist of a host, panelists, and attendees.

This particular webinar was in the form of a “town hall meeting” where I was the most proficient technical person (okay…so about now you should be getting scared for everyone).

I watched some video trainings at night to prepare, had the presentation, scheduled a rehearsal just before hand and …. Needless to say – I have a lot to learn.

So, allow me to offer some suggestions….

Rehearse Like It’s Your Wedding – Unless you and your panelists have done this together a number of times, schedule your rehearsal for 20-30 minutes ahead of the start time. Make sure everyone can be seen and heard.

Get them a copy of the agenda ahead of time and run through it, so each member knows their cues and can ask any questions they might have.

Background Check – There should be enough background lighting in your panelists video so you can see them clearly (otherwise it looks like you are interviewing a mob figure who is protecting their identity).

You also don’t want the background to show an unmade bed, housemates in their skivvies or a counter full of dirty dishes.

Don’t Buddha – Ask folks a question so you can hear their sound level to make sure its clear and that it doesn’t sound like they are in the back of a container truck.

You can also use this time to remind folks to watch their “uhms”. Folks that aren’t used to speaking on camera can sound like they are chanting a mantra.

If you have any questions or need suggestions just touch base with our Resource Team.

They are glad to chat you up about your event. No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell, just people helping people.

[email protected] or visit them at

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Do I Stay or Do I Go

As parts of the country reopen from the pandemic, many companies have decided to move forward with a hybrid operating model where employees work on-site and remote.

There are a lot of considerations for doing this, not the least of which is minimizing opportunities for exposure to the virus to impact the entire staff going forward.

Maybe you have been given the choice to work from home, but in doing so have to continue using your personal computer/laptop to do so.

You’ve been doing it for several months now, and it has been okay, but your home office isn’t really equipped for the long haul.

If you are thinking of doing this and upgrading your home office to do so, there are some things you might want to consider.

Win-Win – If you don’t have a computer/laptop using Windows 10, or the device you are using it with is struggling under the weight, like an elephant with a hernia, then you for sure want to upgrade.

Also – consider this - there will for be more work “apps” coming out and they for sure will be based on Windows 10.

Read All About It – If you haven’t had use of a printer at home, or the printer you’ve had is older than your oldest child, it is time to replace it. Besides, toner for older printers costs more than a weeks-worth of groceries.

Today’s printers are much more feature rich and cost effective.

What-Mi-Fi – Unless managing a tv-gaming-streaming-work schedule that looks akin to an ESPN program guide is your idea of fun, maybe it is time to upgrade your wi-fi.

With having the kids home for the next several months, and with no school activities to keep them occupied, your sanity may hinge on Mbps of bandwidth more than mg’s of ibuprofen.

These are just some basic things to consider, even if you will be splitting your time between home and the office.

If you have any questions or need suggestions just touch base with our Resource Team.

They are glad to chat you up about your home office needs. No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell, just people helping people.

[email protected] or visit them at

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Unnecessary Innovations

We’ve all heard the expression “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, right? Or how about “Necessity is the mother of invention”?

As inspiring as these are there’s a man who took them a step further….well…maybe several steps further.

His Twitter handle is @mattyxb and he bills himself as “Evil Genius & Inventor of Unnecessary Inventions. Designing products to solve problems that don’t exist.”

And after viewing his work I would have to agree with his description…
• Spinner backpack
• Motorized chopsticks
• A charging “bed” for your mobile
• A coffee table that is a jigsaw puzzle (you have to solve it to use it)
• Pants with just one big pocket across the back.

And he’s been at it since 2014 (so why am I JUST hearing about this now????).

Although I’m sure he’s made millions, and some of the stuff is hilariously non-useful (it isn’t all useless), what I really admire are his innovative skills (i.e. someone who introduces new methods, ideas, or products).

Now I truly believe that each of us has an innovative spirit.

Haven’t we all looked at a process or product and thought “hmmmm…there’s gotta be a better way”, then turned it around and made it better?

You see, we take innovation for granted in our world today. We think it’s only for super-bright people, or rich people, or those salesy-go-getter people, but that’s not true.

If you have been working from home during the pandemic, with a family, and limited funds, home-schooling and trying to keep your sanity – then by gosh, you have HAD to be an innovator.

If you are keeping your business going, managing your team remotely, taking care of your customers regardless of the obstacles – then by golly, you have HAD to be an innovator.

The only unnecessary innovations that exist, are the ones that are never acted on. Innovation isn’t always measured in the final outcome; it’s equally measured by the quality of the journey.

At Infinit we have some great innovators on our Resource Team. They are glad to chat you up about whatever you are working on. No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell, just people helping people.

[email protected] or visit them at

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
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Redux Re-do?

We have all been through a lot of life changes due to the pandemic: working remotely, home schooling, limited activities, changes in schedules, buying habits, entertainment viewing and eating habits, plus different approaches to physical exercise and so forth.

And with that, it is no surprise that folks have some pretty anxious feelings about starting to return to the office.

Because there is no doubt that for many companies, and their employees, things will not be the same, and not just for a while, but perhaps not at all. And that can be unsettling.

As I looked at this in my own life I felt it was maybe good to use this to make some adjustments. I thought “Why take on another phase of life looking like I did in the last phase?”. To “redux” is to bring back…so why not go back anew and not just re-do?

The Face in the Mirror – If you can, schedule a haircut or trim, not because you “need” one but because you want to put the last few months behind you and look forward. A new “do” often times has a way of helping you clear-out the mind-clutter! (I’m going to do that and trim the beard ‘cause right now I look like a cross between John Mellencamp, Grizzly Adams and Captain Lou Albano).

Sharp Dressed Man – As ZZ Top put it “Clean shirt, new shoes, And I don’t know where I am goin’ to”, why not change up the look a bit as well? I don’t mean spend a bunch of money either. It’s more about looking put-together, like you planned it … (versus having to chase your jeans around the room because they are tired of having you in them!).

Pay It Forward – If you are working and able to continue, then you are doing pretty good by comparison to countless thousands of other people. So, take the time to appreciate that fact, to really work at bringing that appreciation to your day, your family, your colleagues.

Take it from Tibet – Don’t let the problems with all of these changes bog you down. If a problem can be resolved, then why waste energy on it, and if it can’t be solved, well, wasting energy on it isn’t going to do much good, is it?

At Infinit our Resource Team is constantly working on today’s work challenges. And as always they are glad to chat you up about whatever you are working on or trying to fix. No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell, just people helping people.

[email protected] or visit them at

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer) [email protected]


Good Grammur

Anyone else constantly seeing little pop-up ads for writing tools? I usually see them at a very inconvenient time (actually, isn’t that how those pop-up ads are supposed to work?) and tend to forget about them.

But as I read more and more email I am starting to wonder about folks knowledge of the English language let alone grammar and punctuation.

So, I went looking for some grammar tips that I could share with folks, and maybe learn something in the process.

Yeah…right….check out a few examples of the “grammar rules” that I came across…..

“Link ideas with a conjunction”
“Use the simple present tense for habitual actions”
“Use present perfect progressive for unfinished action and past”

I wasn’t sure if they were about grammar or from the write-up of a psychiatrists’ interview.

Anyways, there are actually countless references you can find to help you if you really want to improve your grammar and writing skills.

But I will tell you this, it will take some solid time for you to learn the constructs involved. Time well spent I am sure, but time none the less.

However, there are a couple very basic suggestions that I would offer in the meantime….

Spell Check - Editor – Most writing tools, email software and even social media apps have a spell check feature in them. Some, like MS Word, also have an Editor feature in them.

Being from the “we are always in a hurry” tribe of people we often ignore these tools altogether. But don’t! Over time the use of these can help you learn what to do and how, versus always telling you that something is wrong!

Proofread – Before hitting the Send button, take a few minutes and read what you wrote out loud making sure to pause with a comma or stop with a period.

Then ask yourself if what you heard sounds cohesive or like the ramblings of someone who over-caffeinated them self?

The point is here is that what you write, no matter if it is one sentence or one hundred, says as much about you as it does the subject. So, take some time to make you look good then!

If you are looking for more tools, ask the [email protected] or visit them at
Send us some ideas of what you need, and we’ll see what we can do. No charge, no obligation, just people helping people. Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS (Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
[email protected]


Summer Reads

Pretty much by now all of the elementary and high schools around the country are closed for the summer. Which leaves quite a gap in how to keep your children entertained and engaged.

For the most part there are no sports teams or summer camps happening and you are still working.

But you can still find some things to do via e-books, and thanks to the great folks at Consumer Reports, the below list’s just a few places where they have some available for free:
Amazon Kindle Store
Apple Books App
Audible (Owned by Amazon)
Google Play Bookstore
Project Gutenberg

Also, check your local Library website – some libraries may let you order online and pick them up!

Granted the last thing kids need is more screen time, but there are some other things you can do…
• Read to your kids– set aside some time to just read to them, and if you have older children, have them each read a page or part of a page, then have their sibling read another and so forth.
• Have them read, or read to them, short stories, then have them write their own story about it.
• I am not one for wasting paper, but you can always print off sections at a time and have your kids read from the printout
• Find project books where you can print out pages for the kids to color or draw on
• Teach everyone origami
• Got a lot of old magazines – get some glue and poster board and have the kids create collages.
• Learn a language together
• Learn sign language together – even better for keeping everyone quiet
• Build something together – there are all kinds of small projects that do not require heavy duty power tools.

That said, I am sure you can think of all kinds of things you can do that are entertaining and informative, provide an opportunity to do things together and minimize screen time.

As always – when you are doing all this browsing be mindful of what you are downloading. One thought – download to a USB drive and clear it and reuse it as needed.

If you have any questions about browsing and downloading, ask the [email protected] or visit them at No charge, no obligation, just people helping people.

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
[email protected]


What a Picture Paints

I am sure many of you have heard the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words”…. And think of it as meaning that it could take a thousand words to convey what is seen in a single image

. Which is correct – somewhat. You see, the original phrase is “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It was first coined by Fred R. Barnard in 1921 to promote his ad agency.

The phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” is actually part of the first line of the song “IF”, written by David Gates and recorded by the group “Bread” in 1971.

Now that I cleared up that misconception that nobody was micsoncepted about in the first place… Any who, pictures do more than just convey the subject … they are a potentially great source of information….especially for folks like hackers.

Quite to the contrary, hackers do more than just go buy stolen credentials, or steal them. In many circumstances their mode of operation is to scour social media looking for potential candidates and info about them.

They seek out folks for whom there is a good deal of info available so as to help them learn as much about the individual as possible, and in turn help them figure out their passwords or send phishing emails!

One method is to garner information from the pictures that we, so carelessly perhaps, post on social media!

People do not realize how much of that personal info they are putting out there – pictures of their work offices, home, activities, events, and groups.

Or how about that birthday celebration your coworkers provided for you – with pix of the office and the date. Great way to help someone figure out your date of birth, eh?

All those photos of your pets, children, parents, friends…..that you repeat over and over … bingo … great clues for hackers to use to figure out your password!

And now that we have Instagram and TikTok – hooah – some folks might as well just post their credit card and bank numbers there – ‘cause they sure show everything else….

Listen, we are a digital world …. And that’s great – but we really need to think more carefully about some of the more obvious things like this.

Not to stop doing them – but to be sure we do other things – like don’t use passwords tied to our life!

If you have any questions about passwords and other suggestions to help protect yourself, ask the [email protected] or visit them at

No charge, no obligation, just people helping people.

Take care and stay safe!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS

(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
[email protected]


Get Your Etiquette On

Being in an online meeting, chat, worship session, sports event, concert, class, doctor visit is commonplace. So much so that many folks it seems have, well…. let themselves get a little lazy about their online etiquette.

Its’ been a while since we touched on this, so I thought it might be a good time for a quick refresher!

Start on Time If you are working from home and quarantined, it’s not like there is any place else to go. I sit in more online sessions where I hear “we’re just going to give folks a few more minutes”. What? Why? The session starts at 10:15 AM – start it at 10:15 AM. Where do you think we are, a doctor’s office?

Shut the Door When all this started it was kinda cute to see your half-naked 3-year old on camera or Snuggles your pet ferret hanging out on the keyboard. Now, frankly, its’ more than distracting, it’s annoying. Close the door to your “office” at least until you hear something break or the cat shriek.

Lights, Camera, Action If it is important enough to attend the meeting, then it is important enough to turn on the camera. Having a picture of your boat, or pet kangaroo or your avatar is just not acceptable anymore. If you are that worried about your hair…then, like…comb it? Wear a hat? Shave your head?

Stand Still This is a meeting, not a Disney ride. Don’t be walking around or jiggling the laptop on your lap. And if you are outside, can you set up so that we don’t see your un-mowed lawn, or your neighbor’s un-mowed lawn.

No Munching Simply put, don’t eat while you are on a call. A lot of folks are using headsets now that can pick up the sound of a chipmunk scratching. Hearing you chomp on your Doritos is like listening to carpenter ants chewing through a wooden eye beam.

Listen First Being in an online session isn’t like being next to someone face-to-face. There is often a slight delay when someone’s speaking. You want to at least give them a chance to finish their sentence before jumping in. At times it feels like I am m in the game room at a retirement home. “Huh?” “What did you say?” “Can you repeat that?” “Who is this?”.

And if you need a hand tuning up your laptop or wi-fi, chat-up our Resource Team at [email protected] or visit them at
No charge, no obligation, just people helping people.

Take care – stay safe – stay cool!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and Part Time Writer)
[email protected]