Privacy, data breaches, passwords, identity theft.....

More and more, we hear about the increased theft of personal information.

With our work landscape changing, more remote workers, the risks continue to grow.

* How are businesses today protecting employee’s private data?
* How are we becoming compliant in this new norm?
* How are we mitigating risk when employees are not in a  
   controlled office environment?

On July 26, 2019, the State of New York enacted the “Stop Hacks  
       and Improve Electronic Data Security” (SHIELD) Act.

Who is affected by this law? Any business (whether located in New York State or not) that maintains computerized data containing “private information” of a New York State resident.

Compliance isn’t optional. The NYS Attorney General may take action for violation of the breach notification requirements from 2-years, up to 3-years after the NYS Attorney General becomes aware of the offense.

We are here to consult on the documentation and processes required to get through this as efficiently as possible.

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