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               Things to Consider

Working From Home
Just because you and your employees are working from home, you still need to have the same safeguards for your computers/laptops as you would in your office.
Be wary of opening emails from sources you don't know - better to delete it - if it is legit the sender will try again
Double-check the source of an email that contains an attachment or a link you are being asked to click on
If you receive an email that appears to be from another employee and it asks you to move funds or open an account or share a login/password - call them and verify the request is from them!
Best plan to have > When in Doubt, Don't!

Log Off
If you are going to be away from your laptop/computer for any length of time, then log off any applications and disconnect from the internet.  Hackers can't get into your laptop/computer if they cannot access it!

Think Security
If you have to share private information - passwords, social security numbers, bank account or credit card numbers - call the recipient if at all possible instead of emailing! Don't give hackers the chance to get private data if they hijack your email!

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